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AboutPink Fable

Unicorns full of mystery
are the fantasy of many
Young Girls

Our designer Mercury is just like every other girl who loves receiving gifts and most of all the gift of flowers. She remembers the joy of surprise and then the limitless colors and varieties and possibilities. Paired with her creative mind and her love of fairytailes and the belief that every girl should be able to receive the gift of their dreams. She started Pink Fable in hopes to bring fairy tales into life.

Every Step isAl l-handmade

All our products is completely handmade. From each rose bulb to each crystal gems, our products is crafted by hand with the utmost care.


Every Pink Fable product has a unique QR code for greeting cards and serial number. Based on this number, you can check some information about the product orginality.

Scan QR Code


Discover QR Code

Find unique QR Code that attached on the inside of packaging.


Scan QR Code

Scan unique QR Code and you will be directed to the link that we provided


Greeting Card

Voila! you are directed to the page that the flower is originally made only for you

Serial Number


Discover QR Code

Find a serial number that attached on the Barcode plate


Input Serial Number

Input serial number to the page on our website and system will authenticate the code


Original Product

Your product is registered and originally made by Pink Fable


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