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Love StoryCollections

Our Valentine’s Day special, Inspired by the fairy tales stories that said live happily ever after in the castle.

Iris TreasureCollections

Our signature series. Adventurous and whimsical, inspired by a girls faith in love and the beautiful journey it takes her on.

Arc en CielCollections

Our Qixi special. Inspired by the chinese legend of the starcrossed lovers Niu Lang and Zhinu fated only to be able to meet once a year on a rainbow bridge. This collection is a gift symbolizing our sacrifice in pursuit of love, where even if we only get one day together at the cost of 364 it would still be worth it with the right one.

Ever AfterCollections

Made with real eternal roses, the Ever After collection speaks for it self. Pink Fable hopes to bring the joys and happiness found in fairy tales into your life and this is the last sentence, the period, the happily "ever after".


Ocean - Metallic Seashell - Pink Roses with crystal-studded seashells and metallic pearl on a square stand. Seashells are love letters in the sand

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